Turbo: najczęściej zadawane pytania

Nasze rowery Turbo wykorzystują najnowsze technologie na Świecie, dlatego zupełnie nie dziwi nas to, że masz pytania. Na szczęście mamy na nie odpowiedzi. Poniżej znajdziesz odpowiedzi na najczęściej zadawane pytania.


What’s the maximum rider weight for my Turbo?
Please refer to this document on specialized.com: 2018 Rider/Bike Weight Limits and Terrain Conditions. It can be found on every bike page as a downloadable PDF in the section „Manual Downloads.”

How far will my Turbo take me?
Use our Turbo Range Calculator to tell you how far your Turbo’s battery will get you.

What should I consider when using my Turbo in the winter?
Always store your bike and battery at room temperature before riding, or at least in an ambient temperatures above 0° C (35° F). If the battery cells are too cold, performance issues can occur (system goes into protection mode in worst case scenarios with no motor support). Riding in low temperatures is not a problem since the battery creates heat during discharge. Refer to the temperature ranges for charging, discharging, and storing as displayed on the underside of the battery.

Can I mount a trailer to my Turbo Levo/Kenevo or Vado/Como bike?
Yes, this is possible with the correct axle (e.g. from The Robert Axle Project). Make sure the axle fits the spacing and the thread pitch (Turbos always 1.0). All 2016 to 2018 Turbo bikes require a 148x12mm axle with the Syntace X-12 thread standard (pitch 1.0). Also stick to the Specialized addendum titled 'Riding with Kids.’ Be aware that, in some countries, pulling a trailer with or without kids may be affected by legislation, especially in conjunction with S-Pedelecs (e.g. Vado 5.0/6.0).


What are the stock spring rates for all the Kenevo sizes?
The TTX22M shock in 2018 Kenevo models comes with the following springs. Note that these are safe average rates for the expected rider weight and size:

  1. S: 72N/mm – 411lbs/in for rider weight 130lbs (59kg)
  2. M: 80N/mm – 457lbs/in for rider weight 150lbs (68kg)
  3. L: 88N/mm – 502lbs/in for rider weight 180lbs (82kg)
  4. XL: 96N/mm – 548lbs/in for rider weight 210lbs (95kg)

What tire widths can I run on my Turbo Kenevo?
The Kenevo is designed to only run 650b/27.5″ tires from 2.6″ to 2.8″ wide. Be aware that the bottom bracket becomes lower with narrower tires.

Can I modify my Kenevo with a double-crown fork?
The Kenevo frame is approved for the use of double-crown suspension forks with 180mm of travel. In order to preserve the geometry and overall ride characteristics, any alternative fork should feature an identical, or very similar, axle-to-crown measurement compared with the original fork. A greater fork length would further slacken the head tube angle and therefore compromise the steering and ride characteristics.

What’s the maximum fork travel for Levo FSR models?
The maximum fork travel is 150mm since the frame geometry is designed around a 140mm suspension setup.

Can I retrofit my model year 2016/17 Turbo Levo with the handlebar Trail Remote specified on model year 2018 models?
No, this is not possible, as the wired remote is not an aftermarket item. Also, Levo frames prior to model year 2018 are not prepared to route the cable inside the frame. Frame modifications void the warranty. For Levos prior to model year 2018, we recommend the ANT+ handlebar remote to change modes from the cockpit.

Can I change batteries between the Levo and Kenevo?
Yes, all Levo batteries are cross-compatible. Make sure you run the latest firmware.

What display options do I have for my Turbo Levo/Kenevo bikes?
There are multiple display options since all Levo/Kenevo batteries feature ANT+/Bluetooth® functionality. This is a quick overview:

  1. Mission Control App.
  2. Garmin Connect IQ on selected Garmin models.
  3. ANT+ devices, like a bike computer or wearables, show the state of charge by using the „Fake Channel” in the Mission Control App.
  4. Wireless ANT+ handlebar remote to switch modes (especially for Levo model year 2016 and 2017 models).
  5. Other ANT+ third-party devices like O Synce Coachsmart for instance.
  6. Can I run 29-inch wheels on my Turbo Levo 6Fattie bike?

Yes, this is possible. The maximum tire width for 29″ wheels is 2.6″. Make sure your 29″ wheelset features the right spacing (front 110mm, rear 148mm—also called „Boost”) and is equipped with the needed speed sensor magnet. Rotor size and cassette must match, too, if you want to swap wheels. Should you want to adapt your Specialized 135mm/142mm/142+ wheelset, you can use our Boost Conversion Kit to upgrade it to the Boost standard.